Get To Know SNAYX Ahead Of Their Show At The Bodega

Interview: Gemma Cockrell
Monday 07 August 2023
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SNAYX are coming to The Bodega in October. Find out more about them here...

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How are you feeling ahead of your show at The Bodega?
We’re all very excited to finally play the legendary Bodega. The only time I’ve been was when I walked in halfway through a pub quiz. 
Have you ever been to Nottingham before? 
We’ve played Rough Trade and Rescue Rooms, and Lainey used to come to Nottingham quite a lot to watch bands, such as Black Veil Brides back in 2014 at Rock City, and Nova Twins at Rescue Rooms and loads more. I always have the best night out in Nottingham afterwards. Oh, and you have one of the best Christmas markets! 
Any good stories from previous visits here? 
When we supported Kid Kapichi in February, we had an in-house engineer with a dodgy stomach which made for an unfortunately fragrant soundcheck. Lainey got tear gassed at a gig in Notts many years ago too. We’re looking forward to the clean air experience in October...
This is your first UK headline tour. What should people expect?
We don’t want to give too much away, but we’ll have a brand-new set and of course you can expect some carnage. Two of our favourite bands Shelf Lives and Monakis are coming along for the ride too - this tour will be the greatest party of 2023.
Recently you played festivals such as Download and 2000 Trees, what has the 2023 festival circuit been like so far?
 It’s been a big step up from last year’s festival season. Playing packed tents and stages at the likes of Download and 2000 Trees has made for an incredible summer so far. It’s great to be able to look back and see a fan base building and also play so many cool new and established festivals with other bands we’re pals with on the bill - makes for a fun experience all round. Another highlight was heading out to the Netherlands this summer for Down the Rabbit hole and Sneister Festival - great crowds and they treat bands so well! 
Your drummer Lainey is now a full-time member. How will this change things for the band?
We got down on one knee and asked if she’d be part of the band. It felt very natural as she had been playing with us for the past year anyway. We’ve been making incredible music together and we can’t wait to share some big news soon.
Could you tell us more about your most recent release, Boys in Blue / H.A.N.G? 
Boys in Blue and H.A.N.G go hand in hand in highlighting the struggles this country has gone through in the last few years. They’re both about holding people in power accountable for their actions. This also marked the start of a new relationship with Jamie Hall (Tigercub) who was the producer, and we feel has been an incredible musical ear on our music since. Watch this space… 
There's such a strong guitar scene coming through right now. What's it like to be part of that?
 We are buzzing to be a part of it! There are so many talented artists coming through at the minute and there is such a strong sense of community within the scene. 
You've supported many bands within this scene such as Kid Kapichi and Nova Twins, both of whom we have already mentioned above. What's been the highlight?
We’ve shared stages and toured with some absolute legends like the ones mentioned. We have no favourites, but a fond memory is supporting Bad Nerves at their London headline last year - the gig was so hot it melted their recording equipment. It was the beginning of our journey with regards to the music industry and felt everything fell into place shortly after that gig. Exciting to see BN blowing up and getting the recognition they deserve along with many other bands we admire.

SNAYX will perform at The Bodega on 18 October 2023

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