Gig Review: Scouting For Girls at Rock City

Words: Emily Oxbury
Photos: Natasha Shipston
Friday 23 December 2022
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The ‘biggest birthday party in Nottingham’ was brought to Rock City as Scouting for Girls descended upon the city for their fifteen-year anniversary tour…


Performing their most recognisable hits, every album released throughout the years was revisited during the nostalgia filled show.

Perfect for fans new and old alike, every single member of the crowd was encouraged to dance and sing along to join the band in celebrating their success of the past decade and a half.

With a catalogue of catchy tunes, including Elvis Ain’t Dead, Posh Girls and Heartbeat, the gig transported me back to the early 2000s and my primary school days.


Preceding the band’s entrance was a short blast of the ‘20th century fox fanfare’ before spotlights launched the band into an energetic performance of I Wish I was James Bond.

The opening half of the show was centred around the band’s debut album, with the band reminiscing on their ‘first single’ before launching into a heartfelt rendition of It’s Not About You.

After the trip down memory lane was complete, lead singer Roy Stride disappeared off stage before reappearing on the balcony amongst the crowd to perform Famous, and during this performance Stride was also clutching onto a selfie stick, recording the crowd’s reactions.


That’s certainly something this show didn’t lack - crowd engagement - with constant encouragement from frontman Roy to join in and sing along. The crowd certainly had warm vocal chords by the end of the night!

Whilst the tour was aimed at reliving the highlights of the last 15 years, the band did introduce us to a new song, currently being recorded as part of their upcoming album.

Crowd interaction was at it’s peak here, as we were recorded singing back a section of the chorus, so that the audience vocals can be used on the final recording.

The main body of the setlist finished with Elvis Ain’t Dead, which was very apt with the final lyric being “Thank you and goodnight”.


However, the band weren’t quite finished yet (I can’t say anyone was surprised by this - She’s So Lovely was yet to be played!).

Christmas filled the air for the encore as a dazzling tree was wheeled on stage, and the band returned in an array of Christmas jumpers and outfits - including drummer Peter Ellard donning an Olaf onesie.

I must admit I squealed when the opening guitar strum of Christmas in the Air echoed through the crowd, as it’s a favourite festive song of mine, but not one I ever expected to get to hear live.

Whilst this song seemed less well known by the crowd, the general festive feel to it had everyone swaying side to side.


But the song everyone was waiting for erupted as the final note of Christmas in the Air was played, the opening beat of She’s So Lovely. Not one person was left standing still, as every person in sight was jumping up and down to the nostalgic tune.

Overall, Scouting for Girls may be entering their sixteenth year together and touring, but the energy brought to Rock City was as though it was 2007 again.

Their energy, charisma and excitement of performing shone throughout the set, and a genuine sense of gratefulness towards each and every member of the crowd for supporting their journey as a band was felt.

Hopefully they’ll be back again for the 20th anniversary tour, if not before.

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