Performing At Beat The Streets in Late January, Girlband Chat the Festival and Their Music

Photos: Nigel King
Interview: Riley Halls Backler
Sunday 22 January 2023
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We chat with G, Jada and Kay from local indie-rock trio Girlband about their upcoming performance at Beat The Streets festival…


Firstly, congratulations for being announced as part of the Beat The Streets line-up for 2023! It’ll be your first time playing the festival as a band, how are you feeling? 
G: I’ve been lucky enough to play Beat The Streets a few times, but this time certainly feels different, playing as a band. We didn’t even know we were playing until we saw the poster at Hockley Hustle and went, ‘Woah!’
Kay: We’re all super stoked about it, especially the opportunity to show our music to more people. It’s a great platform for it, and it’s also all for a great cause.

Beat The Streets is all in support of Framework. How does it feel being able to raise money for your local community through music?
Jada: It’s definitely unique, being able to get the band out there and perform alongside local artists all for charity. It’s an honour.
G: Obviously, Nottingham is filled with great artists, and Beat The Streets feels like one of those events where everyone comes together. Supporting the homeless is so important, especially right now.

Are there any other artists on the line-up you are excited to perform alongside, or even go along and see perform yourselves?
G: I love Ferocious Dog. Last time I saw them I was in a mosh pit at Rock City and everyone had their tops off!
Kay: I’m very excited to see Jack Wolff & Ty Healy.
Jada: I’ll go with The Chase. I’ve known them since I was young, so playing alongside them is going to be magnificent. Oh, and ALT BLK ERA too!

We’re spoiled in Nottingham, really. It’s rare to have a place where anyone who wants a platform to share their art with the world can have one

What can fans expect from your set? 
Jada: It’s always top-notch energy with us, it’s overflowing like a volcano. We’re good at controlling the dynamics of the set, though. We have a couple sing-along tunes and know where to place them. It’s not all sunshine and unicorns!  
G: That is a big part of our set - the kind of intense, frenetic energy that we bring to every show. As a band, we’re Beat The Streets virgins, so it’s going to be a vibe.

Which of Nottingham’s venues would you recommend to people who might be visiting Beat The Streets for the first time? 
Kay: Definitely Rough Trade, it’s such a sick venue and you get a pretty wide variety of acts, not only in genre but in following as well.
G: I spent most of last year at The Bodega. I got to play it, which was great, but it’s also the fact you’ve got live music going on upstairs and downstairs. It’s really special.
Jada: I’d say the same thing about Rescue Rooms. You’ve got like four different acts within the same building, and you’ve got Rock City next door. I’ve played Wax Bar before and that’s great for student bands. 
Kay: We’re spoiled for choice in Nottingham, really! It’s rare to have a place where anyone who wants a platform to share their art with the world can have one.

Lastly, have you guys got any memorable festival stories that you can share with us?
Jada: Hockley Hustle last year was a lot of fun. I remember there was a dog that got lost. Do either of you remember the dog’s name?
G: I have no idea what you’re on about! 
Kay: I don’t remember much about a dog. I just remember walking around in the rain. I think I ended up in Das Kino listening to house music.
Jada: It was just there! There was a dog vibing in the crowd at the silent disco!

Beat The Streets will take place on Sunday 29 January


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