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Monday 05 June 2023
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Ever since we launched in 2003, LeftLion has been created, maintained and enhanced by writers, designers, photographers, illustrators and techies from Nottingham. Although we now have a strong team of creatives and backroom staff, we're always looking for new blood in practically all areas. If you want to be down with the ‘Lion, read on...


So you’re interested in contributing to LeftLion? Well, here’s a few things that you should know:

We do not have a budget to pay freelancers.

Sorry. Our magazine is maintained by a small core group of paid office staff and dozens of people who volunteer to write words, take photos, create illustrations etc. When new paid roles do come up we make sure our volunteers know about them first. But if you’re getting in touch to ask about doing stuff for us, it’s important you know you’re not getting paid for it.

It’s better if you suggest ideas and show examples when you get in touch

Rather than saying “I’d like to write for you” why not suggest a few article ideas? Or tell us the kind of things you’d like to write about (ie theatre reviews, music reviews etc). Same goes if you want to do illustrations or photos.

Now, since you've read all that please get in touch with the person below who sounds most likely to be who you want to speak to. Please don't email all of us on the same email. Thanks. 

Art Co-Editors
George Dunbar ([email protected])
Marta Tavares ([email protected])

Fashion Editor
Addie Kenogbon ([email protected])

Food Editor
Julia Head ([email protected])

Music Co-Editors
Gemma Cockrell ([email protected])
Amrit Verdi ([email protected])

Stage (includes Theatre, Dance and Comedy) Co-Editors:
Ian C. Douglas ([email protected])
Dom Henry ([email protected])

Screen (includes Film, TV and Video Games) Co-Editors
George White ([email protected])
Oliver Parker ([email protected])

Photography Co-Editors
Fabrice Gagos ([email protected])
Nathan Langman ([email protected])

We’re always open to ideas too; if you’ve got an idea to pitch but aren’t sure which category it falls under, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll help you on your way.  

We have a favour to ask

LeftLion is Nottingham’s meeting point for information about what’s going on in our city, from the established organisations to the grassroots. We want to keep what we do free to all to access, but increasingly we are relying on revenue from our readers to continue. Can you spare a few quid each month to support us?

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