Food Review: Bronte & Co

Words: Sophie Gargett
Photos: Sophie Gargett
Saturday 19 August 2023
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Summer in the city when you’re not jetting off somewhere fancy can occasionally feel a little claustrophobic, but there’s a few spots that give off that holiday vibe right on our doorstep. One of my favourites is Bronte & Co, a small airy Turkish restaurant and cafe situated on the main Mansfield Road strip in Sherwood.


Other than the great menu (more on that in a minute) one of things that makes Bronte special is the thought put into the decoration and design. While the inside seating area gives cosy, chic café, as you move on through to the next room a retractable roof lets the sky and the sun pour through (in good weather only, of course!) Add some chilled music and it’s the ideal place for sipping an iced latte or enjoying a leisurely breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, Bronte again offers something a little special. Their traditional Turkish breakfast is an absolute feast, combining both fry up favourites such as eggs and bacon with fresh fruit and vegetables, olives, feta cheese, pastries, toast and Turkish tea. This is the perfect hangover cure - or ideal for anyone wanting something healthy but hearty in the morning. It is also served all day and comes as meaty, vegetarian and gluten free - bonus!

During the evenings, Bronte takes on more of a restaurant vibe, and the rest of the menu really does have something for everyone, offering steaks, Mediterranean chicken, veggie casseroles, chilli and burgers - but it is the Turkish dishes that really stand out. Being a halloumi lover, for something light I can’t help but go for the halloumi and roasted red pepper salad served on khobez bread, but if the weather is a bit chilly the shaksuka (spicy tomato, poached egg, feta and khobez for dipping) is just the thing. I also hear from the carnivores that the sucuk (a garlicky beef sausage), avocado and poached egg is also delightful.

Much quicker than catching a flight to Istanbul, if you don’t mind a ten minute bus journey from the city then stick Bronte on your list of places to go. Drop in Sunday - Thursday from 9am, or book a table for dinner on Friday, Saturday evenings until 10pm.

Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG5 2FW

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